Compound names

Compound names for boys. Why yes and why not use them

Compound names for boys. Why yes and why not use them

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One of the most effective ways to get an original name is by creating a compound name for boys or girls. This is generally intertwined with the names of both parents, the names of the grandparents, or both. Although today there is also the tendency to combine beautiful and unique names that are not related to the family.

I personally have met many people with interesting names like Margginot, Alexca, Raymar or Luismar. But I have also met others so rare that they are even difficult to write (and to believe). Therefore, this time we ask ourselves about the advantages and disadvantages of choosing this type of name. Why yes and why not give your child a compound name?

Compound names have their origin in ancient times, where they were mostly used by family tradition, mostly by men to inherit the paternal name (Marco Antonio, César Augusto, Francisco Javier), or by religious connotation. For example, many girls were baptized with the first name María por la Virgen (María de los Ángeles, María Trinidad, María Isabel).

Of course, this tradition of compound names was used for the first and second names (thus giving rise to two words). However, now parents can follow this same path or use the compound name as the only name for their new member. This means that the two names come together giving rise to combinations such as, for example, Marinés or Elisaúl. Whether either of the two options, there is no doubt that compound names are still widely used in Latin American countries.

In some countries we tend to perceive that most of the names composed as a single word are used for girls, while the combined names for the first and second are more used in boys. Is this also the case in your country?

Now, what are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a compound name for your child? We start by analyzing some reasons why you DO call your little one by one of these names.

- A unique name
There is no doubt that compound names sound very interesting and have a unique connotation, unlike popular names, where you will surely find at least several people with the same name in your residential city, which is not always the case with cases of combinations.

- It's easy to find nice combinations
They match perfectly. In the case of using combinations for the first and second names, these always harmonize and are easy to name as if they were one.

- They provide personality
They give character to the person, many parents choose these combinations as they give presence and have powerful meanings when pronounced as one.

- Make a tribute to more than one family member
It is a good alternative to conjugate and include the names of parents and grandparents, as a tribute, in a more equitable and special way.

- Solution when you are between two names
When parents are hesitant to choose between two names that they really like, the solution may be to give the child a compound name that includes both ideas.

And, on the other side of the scale ... These are some of the downsides of giving children a compound name.

- More complex and lengthy to write and learn
Especially if you opt for those names combined as the first name, they are difficult to pronounce and even more difficult to write, so your son or daughter should always be careful that it is done correctly.

- It ends up being replaced by a diminutive
You may feel a bit withdrawn by the complexity of your name and choose a diminutive to use in your social environment or choose just one, in the case of first and middle name combinations.

- Very complicated names
Combined names often cause confusion for people, so it can become a challenge when presenting in any type of environment (social, professional, interpersonal ...)

- Are they teasing?
Children with mixed names that have a very unique connotation can be teased by their peers for wanting to 'find out' their origin and the reason why their parents decided to call them that way.

And what could be the solution? Maybe find a middle ground? Regardless of the options or the reasons, parents are the ones who have the last word on what they will call their future son or daughter. But if you are going to go for an original combined name, you should also keep in mind that who is going to wear it is precisely your child, not them. So avoid names that are too complicated to spell and pronounce to lessen future problems and ensure your kids feel proud to wear it.

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