'A visit to the museum'. Play for children about democracy

'A visit to the museum'. Play for children about democracy

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Short plays are great to perform with elementary school students and even to do at home when family visits. The little ones have a great time, they show off their acting skills and, if a script like the one shown here is chosen as a script, they will also be teaching them a valuable lesson. On this occasion we have prepared 'A visit to the museum', a play about democracy, so that boys and girls know what it is and how important it is. It is sure to become your favorite!

The script for this fun play is designed to be done with elementary school students. As you will see, it is created for a few characters, but it can always be adapted to include as many more as you want. With this work it is intended show children what democracy is and why it is so necessary in our society today. Before starting with the essays, read the complete script to your students and solve any doubts they may have about this concept.

Work description:the teacher tells his students that to start the course they are going to visit a museum. They have two options, go to the art museum or the science museum. So the teacher gives the children a choice. Of course, some will want one thing and others the other. How to do what is fair for everyone? You're right! A vote with ballots included!

Characters: Alba, Daniel, Sara, Mateo, Sofía and Marcos, in the role of teacher. Take the opportunity to represent the play with the whole class and adapt the script so that everyone has their role. Guaranteed fun!

Place of action in which the play takes place: a school.

Necessary material for the staging: paper, pen, a box and eager to learn new things.

The curtain rises. The children are in the class listening to what Professor Marcos tells them.

Frames: Good morning guys. How has been the weekend?

Everyone: (murmurs are heard).

Frames: I have a surprise for you. Next week we are going to go to a museum together.

Everyone: How good! What museum is it?

Frames: That is just what I was going to tell you now. We can go to the science museum or the art museum.

Sunrise: And can't we go to both?

Daniel: Yes! It would be great to go to both museums.

Frames: I know, but we don't have time, we have to choose only one.

Sara: Well, let's go to the art one, it's the one we like the most.

Matthew: (with a straight face) Nothing of that, let's go to the science museum, which is my favorite.

Sofia: (with an indecisive face) Well, I like them both, I don't know which one to decide on.

Frames: You will have to think about it. It is a decision that must be made between all of us. It's almost recess time, talk about it there and then tell me about it in class.

Bell rings. The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. The bell rings again and the children return to class.

Frames: (He goes to the class) Well? Have you made a decision?

Sunrise:No way! We each want one thing.

Sofia: I thought that I would like to see the paintings in the art museum.

Daniel: I would like it too, but I really prefer to go to science.

Frames: I see that you do not agree. We are going to have to vote to see which museum is chosen.

Sara: A vote? Like when we elect the class delegate?

Frames: That's. It is the most democratic way there is. By the way, do you know what democracy is?

Everyone: Not!

Frames: (picks up the dictionary and reads) Democracy is: 'a political system that defends the sovereignty of the people and the right of the people to choose and control their rulers.'

Sofia: I have not understood anything.

Frames: No wonder, it is a somewhat complex definition. What we can learn from it is that when some want one thing and others others, you have to vote to see which is the majority.

Matthew: How are we going to choose the museum?

Frames: That's Mateo. I'm going to prepare a box and everyone will write on a piece of paper the name of the museum they want to go to. Then he will put it in the box and, once all the papers are in, we will read them to see which museum is chosen.

Sara: Do you have to name the paper?

Frames: Very good question, Sara. No, you do not have to put the name. Votes are anonymous!

Daniel: When do we vote?

Frames: Tomorrow if that's fine with you, so whoever doesn't know which museum to put up will have time to think about it.

The bell rings indicating the end of classes. The children get up to go home. The curtain closes

The curtain rises. The children are back in class. The professor at his table with the voting box ready.

Sunrise: We already have the papers ready. Can we put the museum we want now?

Frames: Yes of course. When you finish, you fold the paper and put it in the box that I have on my table.

Daniel: (He is the first to finish) I have already written it. (He gets up and puts his vote in the box).

Sara: I have finished too. (He does the same as his partner).

One by one, all the students get up to leave their votes in the box.

Frames: Very good guys, I think all the votes are in. Now you have to count them and write down the results on the board. Any volunteer?

Matthew: (raises hand quickly) Yo!

Frames: Go ahead, Mateo. I will read the vows aloud and you write them down on the board.

Matthew: (gets up and takes the chalk) I'm ready.

Frames: (reads the votes one by one while Mateo writes them on the board, when he finishes he says) How many votes are there for the science museum?

Matthew: (looks at the board) Well, there are 15 votes.

Frames: And for art?

Sofia: (speaks without raising his hand) There are 14 votes!

Frames: That means you have won ...

Everyone: The science museum!

Sunrise: Wow, I wanted to go to the other one.

Frames: I know, but the voting is like that.

Sunrise: Well, I sure like the science museum too.

Sara: Of course I do, in addition, the important thing is that we can make the exit together.

The children keep talking about their visit to the science museum.

The curtain closes. End of the play. It's time to clap your hands and stand up! The actors and crew deserve it.

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