Empower yourself and express your wishes to give birth in your birth plan

Empower yourself and express your wishes to give birth in your birth plan

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Surely if you are pregnant and about to give birth, you have heard of a birth plan. It is not mandatory, but the truth is that it is necessary to stop and think: 'What do I want to do while I am giving birth?', 'How do I want to give birth?' What would I like the person who is accompanying me to know? ' Empower yourself and express your wishes to give birth in your birth plan.

The birth plan is a document in which any pregnant woman can express her preferences, needs, wishes and expectations about the process of labor and delivery of her baby.

It is not necessary that the birth plan be the standard of the health service that corresponds to you, neither did any concrete provided by any organization. You can develop your own birth plan by expressing your ideas based on your knowledge and your wishes. One of the midwives I was trained with told women to write a letter to their midwife that this would help them to get to know each other better and to express all that they wanted to tell her.

The important thing is to arrive at the 'appointment' informed, with quality and truthful data and with clear ideas. Of course we have to have an open mind, since childbirth is not something we can control and there are many factors that are beyond our control, so it is super important to be informed, with an idea of ​​what we want, but with our mind flexible.

I have only been accompanying women during their delivery for two and a half years, but in this time I have been able to see that the women who are better prepared, especially psychologically, are the ones who best cope with childbirth. But it is no longer just that, but those who are well informed are the ones who can truly decide about their delivery. Information is always power.

For example, in the hospital that I formed the protocol when a woman came with a broken bag, she said that she had to be inducted at 12 o'clock, but she also contemplated that she could wait 24 hours, since the evidence says that this is safe. If the pregnant woman who goes to the hospital is informed, she can ask not to be induced until after 24 hours, however, if she is not, they will induce her at 12 noon.

The same happens with the positions facing the expulsion. The lithotomy position is the least physiological that exists, and as long as everything goes well, the woman is the one who decides in what position she wants to give birth. So we could talk about a lot of other things.

A birth plan does not have the objective of planning the development of labor and birth, since there can always be unpredictable circumstances and professionals advise the most appropriate intervention for these circumstances, always with consent. But it does have the objective that the woman is informed, empowered and able to express her wishes.

Even simple wishes, as they can be, which person I want to accompany me, if I want to have my clothes on instead of the hospital gown, if I want to use essential oils or my music etc.

For all this, I encourage all future moms to reflect on all these aspects. We still have a lot to change professionals, yes, but a lot is in your power. Through your requests, suggestions and complaints, it is how the health services change. That is the pressure that is needed, the struggle of the patients, supported by the professionals, but it is unthinkable if it does not come from you.

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