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18 names composed with Alejandro that go well for boys

18 names composed with Alejandro that go well for boys

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Is it short for you to just choose a name for your baby? If you are reading these lines the answer is sure to be yes. And it is that, for many families, it has more meaning to give a compound name to your baby than a simple one. Did you know that it is also a tradition that is being recovered in many countries in Spain and Latin America? Check the compound names with Alejandro that we propose here and you will surely find the right one for your baby. All of them combine perfectly and are accompanied by their origin and meaning.

Choosing a compound name, that is the first decision you have made. Now it is your turn to get the most complicated, choose the specific name that will accompany your child throughout his life, there are those who even think that the name defines part of his personality and character so, what do you think if we start by knowing the origin and meaning of the name Alejandro? You are sure to love it.

Alejandro, male name that is the ranking of those preferred by many families today, it is of greek origin, specifically comes from the term 'Aléxandros' which in turn comes from' Aléxo 'and' andrós', whose meaning is'He who protects or forcefully separates man'. It is also the name of a revered Saint. He was the patriarch of Alexandria and was born in the year 250. He stood out above all for his concern for the poor and exercised his work during Arianism against heresy. He is known for his evangelical and conciliatory work on the problems in the Churches of Egypt.

Those who bear the name Alejandro are characterized by being faithful to their ideas and generous with their friends and family. It is said that from a very young age they are clear about what they want to be when they grow up, a goal set in childhood that they pursue with great enthusiasm. At the same time, they are fighting people, They care about themselves and their loved ones, always promoting peace in their closest environment. His saint is celebrated on November 30 and February 26.

Do we see the list of compound names with Alexander? Read them aloud followed by the last name and you will find yours.

Let's start by looking at the compound names that begin with Alejandro. Keep in mind that Alejandro is a long name, so if the last name is too, perhaps the best option is for the middle name to be short.

1. Alejandro Dylan
Dylan is a modern masculine name with a very special nod to music. It is of Anglo-Saxon origin and means 'son of the sea'.

2. Alejandro Andrés
Andrés is a name for boys of Greek origin that means 'brave and strong man'. Do you like how it sounds next to Alejandro? This can be your choice!

3. Alejandro Alfredo
Alfredo is a proper name of Germanic origin. An interpretation is often used that derives from the words 'all' and 'frith', meaning 'very peaceful, protective nobility'.

4. Alejandro Carlos
Carlos takes the root from Latin although he is of German origin and means 'free man'. A compound name that conveys peace and positive energy.

5. Alejandro Manuel
One of the most traditional combinations that lasts today. Manuel comes from the Hebrew words 'Emmanu' and 'El' and means 'God is with us'.

6. Alejandro Josué
Josué is a masculine name of Hebrew origin that means 'God is salvation'. Without a doubt a sweet and beautiful name where they exist.

7. Alexander Daniel
Daniel is a name for children of Hebrew origin, specifically from the term 'Daniyyel' whose meaning is 'Justice of God'.

8. Alejandro Abel
The name Abel has its origin in Hebrew. He was the second son of Adam and Eve and its meaning is associated with 'murmur, vain or slight'.

9. Alejandro Teo
Teo is a beautiful and original name in equal measure. Its Greek origin and its meaning is 'The presence of God, whom God covers with his presence'.

It is now the turn of the compound names for boys that end with Alejandro. Will one of them be your favorite from now on?

10. Jose Alejandro
Joseph is a biblical name of Hebrew origin 'Ioseph or Iosephus', which means 'Yavhé has erased', 'may Yavhé add'. Classic and with great force.

11. Javier Alejandro
Javier is a masculine proper name that has its origin in the Basque Country. It means 'new house' or 'castle'. Did you know that its feminine form is Javiera and that it is used a lot in Chile?

12. Ian Alejandro
The origin of the masculine name Ian is religious, it comes specifically from Hebrew although there are many who defend that its origin is Greek. Instead of Ian you can also use Juan. A short name that goes with a long one, perfect!

13. Alberto Alejandro
Alberto is a masculine name of Germanic origin that has a variant in Spanish. It means 'one who shines for his nobility or brilliant nobility'.

14. Miguel Alejandro
Miguel is a name for boys that comes from Hebrew and whose meaning is 'Who is like God? God is just, no one like God'.

15. Adrián Alejandro
Adrián is a very beautiful name that comes from the Latin 'Hadrianus' (Hadrian), its meaning is 'he who lives in the sea'.

16. Adam Alexander
The name Adan is of Hebrew origin (Adam) and comes to mean 'born of the earth because it is made of clay'.

17. Alan Alexander
If we look at the origin of Alan, we see a Celtic side whose meaning is 'handsome'; and a second aspect that affirms that it comes from the Germanic term 'alun', which means 'harmony, grace'. If we put the two together, we have that Alan means 'handsome man who lives in harmony'.

18. Marcos Alejandro
We finish the list with the masculine name Marcos, whose origin is in the Germanic language. Its meaning is that of 'Hammer'. Ideal to put in front of Alejandro.

With which of these names are you going to call the baby you are expecting?

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