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7 plans so that children are not hooked on the mobile on vacation

7 plans so that children are not hooked on the mobile on vacation

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Slow hours in front of the computer. The screen explodes for all the hours it has been on. The home looks like one of those old movie theater rotaries where movies played non-stop. Boredom and monotony. These are the dangers that exist when our children are on vacation and we operate with the simple and fast. Due, children spend hours hooked on the mobileHim, watching movie after movie or playing video games. For this reason, we want to propose you some alternative family plans, which are available to everyone, to enjoy the holidays as much as we deserve and, at the same time, strengthen our bond.

Reading in a magazine from my country, I found a report by the psychopedagogue Montserrat Sepúlveda in which she pointed out that there must be a balance between sleeping, eating, outdoor activities, sharing with friends, time with family, playing and also doing activities related to their training. In other words, it is a challenge to take advantage of the time.

For a 3- to 6-year-old child, these same activities are usually an even bigger challenge, so in light of the recommendations of this professional, I would like to highlight some of them. Below I have compiled a list of some activities that are generally available to everyone and that can make children enjoy summer much more.

1. Cook with them
It is not necessary that what you cook is something very elaborate, the important thing is that you enjoy the preparation process. The effect it produces on children when they feel part of a teamwork with their parents is very significant.

2. Order the household together
Hand in hand with the kitchen, the fact of inviting them to order by making it part of this work also has a double implication. Not only do they feel that they participate, but they also take their parents as an example and validate this proper exercise of order.

3. Draw together
Making a round table where everyone draws together can be a lot of fun. If it is accompanied with consistent music, it will be even more beneficial for them and for us. And, without a doubt, thanks to this plan you will ensure that your children are not hooked on the mobile all day.

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4. Research and visit libraries run for children
In my city of Santiago (Chile), a municipality called Vitacura had the original idea of ​​creating a library exclusively for children. I have personally been able to appreciate how meaningful it has been for my son to wear it. It is true that he does not read, but because of the busy ornamentation and original staging, it has slowly allowed my son to take the books and ask me to read him a story.

5. Parks, squares and picnic
Simple but always effective idea: have a picnic in a park or plaza, enjoy outdoor games, spend a wonderful day all together ... Contact with nature and relaxation within these places does not fail.

6. Learn to swim
It is summer, so it is a good opportunity to invite your children to learn to swim. The different centers offer good opportunities to learn to develop this sport. This will allow you to feel calmer when you go together to the pool or the beach, although surveillance is still essential.

7. Artistic workshops
In my city there is always a good range of offers that invite you to participate in different workshops. From dance, through introduction to a martial art, these activities usually deepen the attempt to form that spirit. And if this type of initiative does not exist in your city, you can always organize it at home yourself.

As you can see, there are opportunities to enjoy the summer without having to be hooked on your mobile or tablet day after day. What makes it difficult for us is just breaking the ice and delving even more into our creativity. We usually leave for the fast and comfortable, but for the sake of our children, it is significant that we also mobilize in our creativity to develop this same competence in them.

And this is more urgent today, given that there is a great temptation to get carried away by the Internet, and to leave them hooked by mobile phones or videos and the occasional electronic device. Enjoy your holidays very much!

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