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16 combinations of names composed with Luis that you will love

16 combinations of names composed with Luis that you will love

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Choosing a name for your baby is a wonderful task that is done with the greatest of illusions, but it is also something that should be meditated well. And it is that the name will accompany your child throughout his life so it must be beautiful, that the parents like and that it combines with the surname. How about choosing any of these combinations of compound names with Luis for the baby what are you waiting for? Read the list that we propose here, you will surely find your favorite.

Why choose only one name if you really like two? Before, it was very common to name children compounds, a tradition that fell into oblivion and that now more and more families are recovering. The name Luis is beautiful, classic and ideal to put before or after another masculine name. As it is a short nickname, the other name can be long, but it is also ideal if the child is going to have a long last name. Let's start with the meaning and origin of the name Luis, you will surely love it.

Luis is a masculine proper name that has Germanic roots, it comes specifically from the term 'Hlodowig' although there are experts who affirm that it actually derives from the Latin terms 'Ludovico and Ludwig'. If we break down the first term, we find that 'Hlod' means 'illusion or illustrious person' and 'Wig' means 'combat or battle'. Therefore, we can say that the meaning of Luis is 'enlightened person in battle'.

It has always been said that those who bear this nickname have a fighting and benevolent character. In turn, they are humble, friends of their friends and very familiar. If you know someone who has this nickname, you may have already realized that they are also a bit reserved, people who sometimes find it difficult to express their feelings. His saint is celebrated every June 21, but also on August 19.

It's time to see the list of compound names with Luis!

If that's okay with you, let's first look at the compound names that start with Luis. Will you find your favorite here?

1. Luis Miguel
Miguel is a name for boys that has a variant in Spanish. It comes from the Hebrew 'Mika'el' and means 'who is like the Lord?'. A beautiful and classic name in equal parts.

2. Luis Javier
Javier is a masculine proper name that has its roots in the Basque Country (Spain). It means 'castle or new house'. Did you know that her feminine form is Javiera? Without a doubt a name that sounds perfect next to Luis.

3. Luis Gabriel
Gabriel means 'the strength and power of God, man of God'. It is of Hebrew origin, specifically it comes from the term 'Lashon HaKódesh'.

4. Luis Ernesto
Ernesto is a name of German origin. It means 'serious, persevering, full of perseverance or one who fights to win'.

5. Luis David
As we have already told you on some occasion, David comes directly from Hebrew and means 'the person chosen by the Lord'.

6. Luis Daniel
The proper name Daniel is also of Hebrew origin, it comes exactly from 'Dan-El'. If we break down the word, we see that the term 'El' refers to God and 'Dan' means 'judge or justice'. We can then say that its full meaning is 'God is my judge or God's justice'.

7. Luis Emilio
Emilio is a very nice nickname of Latin origin that comes to mean 'effort or the man who works hard'.

8. Luis Felipe
The proper name Felipe (which is also a very common Spanish surname), comes from the Latin 'Philippus' and in turn from the Greek 'Philippos'. It means 'person who loves horses or one who loves horses'.

If you have not yet found the perfect name for your baby, you will surely do it with these compound names that end with Luis.

9. Juan Luis
Juan Luis is a compound name for classic boys where they exist. The nickname Juan has as its main precursor the Bible and comes to mean 'Man is faithful to God'.

10. Jose Luis
It is another very common combination in Spain and America. José is a biblical nickname of Hebrew origin, Latinized would be 'Ioseph or Iosephus' and it comes to mean 'Yavhé has erased, Yavhé add'.

11. Fernando Luis
Fernando is a nickname for children of Germanic origin. It means 'the one who dares everything in order to achieve peace'. You will agree that it is a name with a lot of energy that is bursting with personality.

12. Ramon Luis
Ramón is a German masculine name that comes from the peculiar term 'ragin mund' which means 'person who gives good advice or man full of wisdom'.

13. Carlos Luis
The name Carlos is of Germanic origin and means 'free lord'. Its feminine form is Carolina and it is very common in Spain and Latin America.

14. Antonio Luis
Antonio is a masculine name of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese origin, although it is also thought to have a Greek root. Its meaning is 'one who faces problems or brave'.

15. Angel Luis
Angel has a Greek etymology, specifically it comes from the term 'Aggelos' which means 'the chosen messenger'. It combines wonderfully with the nickname Luis.

16. Pedro Luis
Finally, we have the name Pedro, which comes from the Latin 'Petrus' and which comes to mean 'stone'.

It is time to choose the name for the baby you are expecting and to do it with a lot of love. Congratulations dear mom!

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