The tasks that children can take on these holidays according to their age

The tasks that children can take on these holidays according to their age

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On vacation, parents must make sure that our children have a great time and rest from the school year. However, it is also a perfect time to enhance some of the most important skills of children. In this case, I am referring to values ​​such as responsibility and autonomy. So much so, that I propose a list of tasks that children can take on vacation taking into account their age.

Walking through the houses of my friends, with nothing to think about, I like to observe how their family dynamics are. It is not for wanting to criticize their actions, but to reinforce some other hypotheses about theories in formation. One of them that is going around me is on a topic that today, in politics, has been repeated a lot: We have defended human rights so much, but at the same time we have left aside our duties. Moreover, we have slowly omitted out of the story the fact that we must do something for society, but rather it is she who must deliver us and defend our interests. Is it so so? And it is here when I corroborate this reality in some families.

I meet some who, to avoid bad times, let the children be the ones to dictate what should be done. This occurs due to the anxiety that occurs in mothers who do not know how to contain and guide their children's emotions. Others, on the other hand, tend to condescend to their pupils by preventing them from doing tasks or asking them for some responsibilities. It is interesting to be able to appreciate that in both cases, the child is usually capricious and with little notion of responsibility.

If only it were effectively so, that is, we only have rights: Can you imagine a football team where the roles or obligations of its players are unknown? Or a company that doesn't promote each other's tasks? It is very important for the psychological development of each one of us assume that we have roles within our society. And that starts from home.

As we are on vacation, it is the ideal time for us to reinforce those responsibilities. This space of their lives invites us to strengthen those skills that, sometimes, we tend to put aside for the same routine of the day.

For this reason, it is important to emphasize three previous ideas before indicating the roles according to age. Before handing over responsibilities, one must teach how to perform tasks. Roles cannot be handed out if you don't teach it. As the saying goes: 'you learn by doing'. Another key aspect is patience, which is a very important virtue to strengthen. Being part of the base of this. Without it, it is unlikely that we will strengthen our education towards our children. Finally, adapt age according to age. Like soccer, each position has its obligations due to the characteristics of its players. It is the same in the family. Each one has a task according to their age.

Let's see the responsibilities that we can reinforce during vacation time:

2-3 years
Organize their toys according to theme, eat alone, throw out the trash or water the house plants. Also motivate the order of their toys or move objects to a place that is needed.

4-5 years
Dress yourself, brush your teeth, wash your hands, help set the table and feed a pet that is kept in the home. Even with the help of a chair and someone for support, wash some of the household items.

6-7 years
Make your bedroom, learn to organize your backpack, use the vacuum cleaner or the broom and dust every corner of the house.

8-9 years
Bathing alone, cleaning the floor if necessary, taking care of the dog or hamster to take responsibility, preparing his breakfast.

10-11 years
Begin to introduce and discover the order that they require. I once heard from coaching that young people need us to help them discover their own order. Let us venture with them to discover their own strategies of order. Along with that, let's add to hanging clothes or taking care of the brother if necessary.

12 years and older
Do grocery shopping, sew clothes and take out the waste. Clean up delicate items and discover your own responsibility strategies and schedules.

As you can see, this orientation allows us to train our children from home in that each of us has rights, but at the same time also their duties within the home and outside of it. The path to forming a solidary society and a true sense of community begins if it is clear that each of us fulfills a necessary role for our life in society.

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