Lazy bear. Play to instill hygiene habits in children

Lazy bear. Play to instill hygiene habits in children

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Short plays are a great hobby to propose to boys and girls, but also a great way to teach an important lesson. This time we have prepared a short script that talks about personal hygiene habits. Through theatrical performances, children will understand why it is important to follow basic hygiene rules on a daily basis and at the same time they will have a great time. Ladies and gentlemen, pay attention that this is where 'The Lazy Bear' begins.

The plays like the one we propose here are designed to be performed with boys and girls, with the aim that they have fun, show their great acting skills and at the same time learn something valuable. This time the message is about hygiene rules. Knowing them and integrating them into the daily routine will be easier than ever if you propose the representation of this script.

Work description: In the play 'The lazy bear' we are going to meet a very nice little Bear but without any desire to wash his paws, his teeth, cut his nails ... And this little bear loves to play, but he gives him a lot lazy having to do any of these things to be neat and cared for. Will his friends the forest animals make him change his mind? Let's see it!

Characters: the little Lazy Bear in the title role, Lion, Tiger and Monkey. Of course, it can be children dressed up as these animals!

Necessary material for the staging: If you want to adapt this work to be done with your students, you just have to give each child the role of an animal and also prepare simple hygiene materials such as a toothbrush, nail clippers (be careful with the tips!) or soap for the shower. You will see how fun!

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The curtain rises. Bear is in the forest taking a walk.

Bear: (walks through the forest carefree) How strange that my friends are not yet out for a walk like me. Could it be that they have already come to the school lake to play?

He decides to approach the lake but does not see anyone.

Bear: (thoughtful) I'll go to León's house to see what happens.

Little Bear comes to the tree house where his friend the lion lives.

Bear: Hello friend Leon, how are you?

Lion: Hello Bear, come in, come in, I was finishing washing my paws, they were full of mud! Have you already washed yours?

Bear: Well no, I haven't washed them. I was lazy, besides, why am I going to do it if now they are going to get dirty again?

Lion: (looking surprised) But it's important to have clean legs.

Bear: Nothing happens, I'll do it another day. Are we going to look for Tigre? He sure wants to come with us to the lake.

Lion: Okay, let's go find Tigre.

They go along the path until they reach the house of their friend Tigre.

Lion: Tiger, are you there?

Tiger: Hello guys, yes, here I am. Come in, I was brushing my fangs. They must always be kept bright and sharp.

Lion: Yes, it's true, I also brush my fangs every day.

Bear: Well, not me, I don't waste time on those things, I just want to eat, play and sleep.

Leon and Tigre look puzzled.

Bear: Let's continue on the path together.

The three animals move away along the path towards the lake. The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. Animals are seen playing and hanging out in the lake.

Bear: How good it is here!

Everyone: Yes, yes. This is very funny.

After a while, Mono arrives.

Monkey: Hi guys, what are you doing?

Bear: Well, we've been resting here for a while by the lake. How have you not come before?

Monkey: I was cutting my nails.

Bear: Well, I'm going home now, I'm hungry and sleepy.

He gets up, says goodbye to his companions and goes back home.

Tiger: How lazy this little Bear is! He never wants to bathe.

Lion: Not even cleaning their fangs.

Monkey: Nor do you cut your nails. It cannot go on like this. I think we have to teach him a lesson. (He thinks for a few seconds) I have it! (He speaks in a low voice to Tigre and Monkey)

The curtain closes.

The curtain rises. Tigre, Monkey and León are at Monkey's house, they are going to have tea with pastries (they have cups in hand) and they are waiting for Bear to arrive.

Bear: (Knocks on door) I'm here!

Monkey: (speaks in a low voice) I open, remember the plan.

Tiger and Lion: Yes, we are clear about it.

Monkey: (opens the door for little Bear to come in) Come in, the tea and delicious pastries are ready.

Bear: Great! I'm hungry ... (puts her hand on her belly).

Tiger: (hands each a packet of cookies, opens his and eats it) How delicious!

Bear: Someone help me? My nails are so long that I can't open my cookie package.

Lion: Don't worry, you can go to the kitchen for some scissors.

Bear: (goes to the kitchen but slips due to dirty legs) What damage!

Monkey: Sure, your legs are so dirty that you have slipped. Nothing happens, I'll open your cookies.

Bear: Thank you very much. (Picks up a cookie, eats it, and looks hurt) Oh! I have a toothache.

Monkey: How many days have you not cleaned your fangs? Maybe it hurts you for that.

Bear: Now that I think about it, I think I've been around for a lot of days now.

Tiger: You see it, that's why it's important that you take care of yourself.

Lion: Tigre is right. You have to cut your nails from time to time.

Monkey: And also wash your fangs every day.

Lion: And the legs when they are dirty!

Bear: Okay, I think I have understood the lesson. You have to do all those things. But I am so lazy ...

Monkey: We too are lazy but it's worse if a tooth hurts, don't you think?

Bear: Okay, from now on I'll take more care of myself. Thank you for the lesson you have given me!

Everyone: You're welcome!

The animals leave the scene to go together to play in the forest. The curtain closes. End of the play.

Don't forget to clap!

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