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Fun and educational games for car trips with children

Fun and educational games for car trips with children

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Car trips can be tough for everyone, and turning them into family fun times can be a breeze. Do you want to know what I do and also what fun and educational games for car trips with children I recommend to families? We value the opportunity to enjoy together and to make the heavy kilometers moments of laughter and fostering the bond.

Sometimes the summer is very long, sometimes the transfers by car or train are heavy and it is common for mothers and fathers to turn to tablets or leave their mobile phones so that their children can entertain themselves, calm down or simply leave them a little while in peace. My 7-year-old daughter does not have a tablet and she knows that my mobile is not a toy or a device to watch videos, therefore she does not ask me directly, but it is normal for other families to use these devices before falling into despair.

Vacation times give us the opportunity to do things with our sons and daughters that during the school year we don't have time; It also gives us the opportunity to train our patience, observe our limits and realize how we manage the overwhelm, boredom or heavy behavior of our sons and daughters, in short, everything is learning.

When riding in the car, for example, there are many games that can be played and variations of many traditional games. Aim!

- Invent a meaning to the license plate letters, for example the letters LBD, Beautiful and Funny Places and the more crazy it is, the more fun it will be: Brazos Dicharacheros Laces. Here we also promote creativity, oral expression ...

- Guess songs that a family member hums, then putting auditory stimulation and musical memory into practice.

- Find cars of the same color, to see who can find more. Or look for cars of the same make. For the little ones it is very fun, here the recognition of colors, shapes ...

- Chained words of a specific topic, for example, of the place we are going, this is how semantic fields are also worked on.

- List of repeated words, for example, on a topic, animals: the first says an animal, for example, horse, the second must say horse and add another, for example, mouse, the next will say horse, mouse and add another more…, semantic fields, memory, association… are also worked on, when one fails, another topic is chosen and starts over.

- The game of I See I See, children like very much and it also works on phonological awareness and flexible thinking.

- Change the lyrics of a song to see who invents a new text on the fly and quickly.

- José / María and María / José: this game is very fun and simple, I learned it at a radio station. It is played in pairs and if one says José-José-María, the other must say María-José-José. You have to be quick and it requires a lot of attention.

And, of course, let's not forget to ask them what they want to play, to contribute games and give their opinion on what they want.

Have you taken note of all the games that we offer you and that can be the beginning of an unforgettable vacation? Well, here are more extra tips so that these days or weeks nothing or no one spoils them.

- Schedule the departure time well
Doing part of the way with the sleeping children will make everything flow better. You can get up early, so that the little ones can take a nap, or start the trip at nap time.

- Make stops
Sitting in the same position for four hours is tiring for older people, so imagine yourself for them. Find places that are 'attractive' in the middle of the road and do not take the opportunity to stretch your legs a bit and have a snack.

- Get everyone involved
If we make the children participate from the beginning, for example by packing their suitcase, they will make them have the same illusion as you for the holidays.

- Tell them about your destiny
Take advantage of these hours when you are together to play and have fun, but also to tell them everything you are going to do in the days ahead, how is the house / hotel / apartment where you will stay or what places of interest there are to visit .

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