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20 original name ideas composed with Angel that will make you fall in love

20 original name ideas composed with Angel that will make you fall in love

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Choosing the name that your baby will wear is not one of the most important things to prepare when you find out that you are pregnant, and yet it is one of the first things that are usually done. Why? Because of the illusion that it makes, and it is that choosing this or that name for your little one is a wonderful thing. How about your child having a compound name? Read the list of compound names with Angel that we have prepared for you and do it followed by the surname that your child will carry. The one that fills your heart with joy the most will be the chosen one!

Choosing the name of your child is not easy, the parents have to like it, of course, but it must also combine with the surnames. If you are reading these lines, it is because the idea of ​​choosing a compound name that begins or ends with Angel is in your mind for the baby you are expecting. Let's see, first of all, the origin and meaning of this beautiful nickname and second, their possible combinations. How exciting!

The origin of the nickname Angel is not entirely clear, there are experts who point out that it has a Latin root and others that its etymology is Greek, specifically it is believed that it comes from the term 'Aggelos'. What is clear is that Angel is a religious name because of the importance of this character in the Holy Bible.

If you know someone close to you who bears this same name, you may have already realized that they areHis personality is personable and caring. They are people who like to share with their loved ones how they feel and in turn help them in everything that is in their power. As for the professional, they are clear about their goals and they fight to achieve them. His saint is celebrated on October 2.

Time to see the list of compound names with Angel. Take a good look at their meanings and their origin, so you can choose the most appropriate for your child.

1. Angel Gabriel
This compound name for boys refers to the Christian religion. The nickname Gabriel is of Hebrew origin and its meaning is 'the strength of God, man of God'.

2. Angel Eduardo
Eduardo is a name for boys that comes from the old Saxon 'Eadweard'. It means 'lord guardian of wealth'. Do you like how it sounds next to Angel?

3. Angel Emilio
The proper name Emilio is of Latin origin and comes to say 'person who strives and works hard to get what he wants'. Without a doubt, a compound name that exudes personality and energy.

4. Angel Adrián
Adrián is a nickname of Latin origin whose Spanish variant is Adriano. Its meaning is 'man who lives from the sea or who works in the sea'.

5. Angel Dionisio
The combination Ángel Dionisio is not heard very often, so it may be the one for your child if you are looking for an original compound name. Dionysus has its origins in the ancient Greek language and comes to mean 'person who consecrates himself before God in adversity'.

6. Angel Joel
Joel is a name that has become very fashionable lately. It comes from the Hebrew 'Yoel'. Its meaning is 'God is my lord'.

7. Angel David
The compound name Angel David also has a purely religious meaning. The nickname David is of Hebrew origin and means 'the person chosen by the Lord'.

8. Angel Andrés
The masculine name Andrés has Greek origin. Its meaning is 'strong and determined person'. It sounds very sweet if you say it next to Angel, don't you think?

9. Angel Juan
The name John also has the Bible as a precursor. If we analyze its etymology we see that it comes from the term 'Yohannan' whose meaning is 'person who wants to be faithful to God'

10. Angel Lucas
Lucas is a nickname for children that is heard a lot these days. He is of Latin origin and means 'the one who shines'.

If you have not yet found the perfect name for your little one, you will surely find it in the list of compound names that end with Angel.

12. Jose Angel
José, as we have already told you on occasion, is a biblical nickname of Hebrew origin that says 'Yavhé has erased or Yavhé added'.

13. Michelangelo
Miguel is a name for boys that means 'no person is like God'. It has a Latin origin and combines wonderfully with the nickname Angel.

14. Luis Angel
The nickname Luis has a Germanic root and refers to 'illustrious or enlightened in battle'.

15. Mauricio Angel
Mauricio is a masculine name of Latin origin. If we translate it as it is, it means 'dark-skinned person'.

16. Sebastian Angel
The proper name Sebastián has always been attributed a Greek origin, although it is not known specifically from which term it comes. As for its meaning, it means 'to honor, revere'.

17. Marcos Angel
As you well know, the name for boys Marcos has its origin in the German language. Its meaning refers to Mars, specifically it translates as 'Hammer'.

18. Aaron Angel
Aaron Angel is a compound name that sounds very nice because both nicknames start with the letter A. Aaron has a Hebrew origin and a most peculiar meaning: 'enlightened person, person who guides in the mountains.'

19. Nuriel Angel
The proper name Nuriel is not very common, so if this is your choice you will have a compound name that mixes a classic name with a modern one. Nuriel is of Latin origin and comes to say 'light of God'.

20. Raúl Angel
Raúl Ángel is the last compound name on our list. The nickname Raúl means 'brave and wise advisor' and has a Germanic origin.

Choosing a name for your little one will be easier than ever!

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