Dance and theater, the best weapons against bullying

Dance and theater, the best weapons against bullying

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Bullying is, unfortunately, one of the biggest problems in the world, especially since many people still minimize the impact that bullying has on children and young people, which is extremely serious. But luckily, there are more and more resources to end this scourge. Did you know that artistic activities, like dance and theater are the best weapons against bullying?

It is always important to talk to parents or teachers when going through a bullying situation, it is essential to never remain silent and take action on the matter regardless of blackmails or warnings. But this is only part of overcoming the bullying, as it is necessary to restore the strength of the person who has suffered it.

Artistic activities such as dance and theater are very beneficial and ideal for this, since it is a safe space where young people can express themselves, tell their story without being invasive, learn new skills and release their emotions to regain their lost confidence. .

Benefits of dance for young people who suffer from bullying
The dance is very diverse, from contemporary dance to ballet to urban style. Here each person can find their talent or integrate all styles, but the most important thing is that each dance tells a story and they can send messages that sometimes people do not hear from the mouth of others. So it is the ideal space for children and young people who have suffered from bullying to recover.

- Helps release emotions in a positive way.

- It allows to meet new people with whom to interact.

- Positive reinforcement helps improve confidence, while mistakes motivate you to work harder to get good results.

- They learn new skills that they can use in the future and even dedicate themselves to it.

- They gain confidence as the classes progress, since they encourage them to expose themselves, but in a way that they feel comfortable with it.

- They develop creative abilities that they can use in another environment.

Theater as a weapon against bullying

For its part, the theater is a little more crude and expressive, in the sense that we can show the public stories that are real, in an entertaining and serious way, so that they leave with a message that they might not pay attention to otherwise. . The actors become teaching teachers and characters with whom the audience feels identified.

- This approach is an excellent means to expose and combat bullying, as well as to help people learn from this experience and get up.

- Theater helps to work, mold and express emotions in a therapeutic way.

- Young people can tell their story without fear of being judged.

- Helps to strengthen inner confidence so as not to feel vulnerable when going on stage or facing their regular environment.

- Share anecdotes and experiences with other people with stories that they can learn from.

- Theater helps improve public speaking, linguistic and body posture skills, which may have been lost due to bullying.

Bullying should never be taken lightly and if you know someone who suffers from it or you are in a similar situation, take the first step to get out before it sucks up your life. Seek help and take refuge in dance and theater to recover.

'They are offended because they are very delicate', 'They have to learn to defend themselves', 'That bullying is silly, that does not affect anyone'. Surely you have heard or read (mostly from adults) something similar to these excuses not to act against bullying, because before this was normal, but it is not.

Distrust in people, loss of self-confidence and self-abilities, low self-esteem, social isolation, withdrawal, lack of motivation, poor academic performance, feelings of guilt and loneliness, self-harm, suicide or future aggressive behaviors are some of the general consequences that bullying brings those who are bullied into and out of the school setting.

This 'ignorance' of the consequences of bullying is mainly due to a cultural belief that young people tend to be aggressive and cruel by nature. While, early in life, we tend to defend ourselves against everything and everyone out of fear of being vulnerable or adaptation, that is no excuse for intentionally hurting another person.

It is not a matter of sensitivity, but now we have the freedom to express ourselves and fight for what is not correct. So much so that television shows, plays, songs and movies have dealt with this issue as a way to reach everyone and say that it is a real problem.

Unfortunately, bullying is like a virus that evolves and finds new ways to appear. We find school, social, sexual, cyber and work bullying and the worst thing is that all can combine to prevent the person from living their life with peace of mind.

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