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19 one word compound name ideas for boys and girls

19 one word compound name ideas for boys and girls

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José Manuel, Ana María, Juan Pablo, Sofía Cristina ... Surely you can come up with hundreds of ideas of compound names for both boys and girls. But, if we talk about names composed of a single wordCan you come up with some ideas? Although at first it may sound a bit strange and risky option, the truth is that it is an increasingly fashionable option.

Compound names are very common in Latin America, although with the passage of time, traditional compound names (that is, those with a combinable first and middle name) have declined and modern parents are now looking for more original, shorter, unique name options. stack or single name combinations. We give you some ideas!

We refer to all those names that start from two separate names but come together in a single word to find a more original and unique name. It is a way of joining two names that harmonize into one, so instead of being, for example, María Ángeles, it would be Mariángeles.

Simple, right? But there are some grammar rules that must be taken into account to form them, if you prefer this alternative.

1. Where to put accents and accents
First, if both names have an accent, when combining them into one, their accent disappears from the first name, if it is unstressed. You have to keep only the second one, as long as it corresponds, of course. Like the example of Mariángeles.

2. Follow the spelling rules
When writing these names in one, it is very important to apply the general rules of spelling:

  • Apply the tilde in the second compound name ending in N, S or vowel when it is not monosyllable.
  • Reduce two vowels in a row into one, even if they are stressed.
  • Change the consonant N to M, when it is before a B or P.

3. Some extra tips
These rules are essential to maintaining good spelling, as names are no exception to this, even though they are rare. The only exceptions are for foreign names which, even if you combine them, remain their original spelling.

Once we are clear about some of the rules and we know what advice to follow, it only remains to have some practical examples to know how to call a boy or a girl with a compound name. Which one do you prefer?

1. Analucía
They are both feminine names, Ana comes from the Hebrew 'Hannah' which means 'Who is merciful'. While Lucia comes from the Latin 'Lux' and means 'She who is born in the light of day'.

2. Analysis
Lis is a beautiful name for girls easy to combine, its origin is Latin and refers to the Lily flower. When put together with Ana, it gives a name made up of a single word like Analís.

3. Adaluna
A beautiful and original combination, Ada comes from the Hebrew and means 'Beauty' while Luna is Latin and means 'As beautiful as the moon'.

4. Marialuisa
Maria comes from the Hebrew 'Miriam' which means 'The one chosen by God', while Luisa means 'Victorious Warrior' and is of German origin. A powerful combination.

5. Ladylaura
Another beautiful and original option. Lady is of English origin and is a reference to say 'Woman of honor', while Laura comes from the Latin 'Laurus' which means 'Victoria'.

6. Florentina
An original compound name, it combines Florence of Latin origin which means 'She who flourishes' and Valentina which is also Latin and means 'She who is brave'.

7. Albalicia
Alba comes from the Latin 'Albus' and means 'White' or 'Dawn' while Alicia is of Greek origin and means 'She who is true'.

8. Alexandrea
Alexandra is the feminine variant of Alexander, of Greek origin and means 'The protector' and Andrea who is also of Greek origin means 'Life force'.

9. Emilianna
Emilia comes from the Latin 'Aemillius' and means 'The one who works hard'. While Anna is a variant of Ana.

10. Giselena
A beautiful composition for girls, Giselle is of French origin and means 'Promise' and Elena of Greek origin whose meaning is 'Beloved Woman'.

If you are expecting a boy, these are some of the other names you can choose for him.

11. Luisjosé
A traditional combination for children. Luis comes from the German and means 'The warrior' and José comes from the Hebrew and means 'God has erased'. By putting them together in a single word they give rise to a beautiful alternative to José Luis.

12. Marcoantonio
A legendary combination, Marcos comes from the latpin 'Marcus' which means 'Consecrated to Mars' while Antony comes from the Greek Anthus 'He who is brave'.

13. Miguelangelo
Both are of Hebrew origin, Michael means 'Who is like God?' and Angel is a variant of Angello, which means 'One who carries a message'.

14. Juampablo
Another traditional combination for children, Juan comes from the Hebrew 'Yohannan' and means 'He who is faithful to God' and Pablo, of Latin origin 'Paulus' which means 'Younger brother'.

15. Juanemilio
Emilio is a Greek masculine proper name and means 'One who is kind'. Without a doubt, this is a very harmonious combination, don't you think?

16. Luisalfonso
Alfonso is of German origin and is a reference to noble men willing to fight.

17. Juliocésar
Another very old and historical combination for children. Both are of Latin origin, Julio means 'From Iulius', while Caesar means 'Haircut' common names that became very powerful.

18. Adresalberto
Andrés is of Greek origin and is a reference to masculinity since it means 'Virile' and Alberto is of German origin, whose meaning is 'Noble and brilliant man'.

19. Santoalejandro
An original masculine combination. Santos is of Latin origin and means 'He who is sacred' while Alexander is of Greek origin and means 'He who protects his men'. It's a powerful male combination, right?

What is your preferred single name combination?

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