How to decorate a child's room

How to decorate a child's room

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From three or four years of age, children can and should give their opinion on the decoration of their room. Many children show interest in a specific color and even a favorite character and it is good to listen to them.

Experts say that parents should take into account the suggestions of children when redecorating their room because that will help them to be more comfortable in their personal space at home. Even if the room is to your liking, it will be easier for you to take care of everything in it and keep it clean and tidy.

Precisely, they are the ones who go to sleep, play, rest and use that room. If the child does not feel it is his, he may prefer to go to sleep in his parents' room, which will surely be more pleasant for him. Many details and aspects of the room of a 3 or 4 year old will remain in his memory and in his fondest memories. At these ages, children make their room their own, fantasy world.

If that first sense of power is favored, he may take care of her with affection, gathering her toys, making the bed, ordering and classifying certain places for each thing. Organization is a habit that must be encouraged, with dialogue and affection, and not with orders, from the earliest age.

- Murals. They are used a lot to decorate children's rooms. Line and paint a table and hang there all the paintings, drawings and works that your child makes, as well as photos and other memories. Ask your family to also contribute to the mural.

- TV. With the advancement of technology, in many houses it can be observed that, unfortunately for children, television and the computer entered the children's room fully. Ideally, the room should continue to be a quiet space for sleeping and playing. And that, to watch television or the computer, the child had to leave his room. These devices transmit a lot of radiation and also, if used alone, they can remove the child from the family environment.

- Music. Music is a great stimulus for the well-being of the child. If you want to put a device in your room, make it a sound system. Music teaches learning, stimulates language development, makes children dance, and improves children's sociability, apart from relaxing them.

- Furniture. The change of furniture should be in line with the size of the child. The change from the crib to the bed should be gradual. If your child moved a lot in the crib, adapt a bumper to the new bed, to prevent him from falling.

- Drawers and toy storage. The older your children are, the more things you will have in your room. More books, more toys ... That is why organization is paramount. Don't let the room have a cluttered space. Have drawers for different objects, and organize the closet better so that everything is not "hanging" around the room.

- Memories. Don't get rid of everything. Keep some things that provide security for the child, such as a book, a stuffed animal, or a cushion.

- Space. The child needs freedom of movement to walk, dance, jump, and move in his room. Leave free space in the center of the room.

- Accessibility. Put your child's favorite toys and books in a place where he can easily reach them.

- Corners. Create corners for different activities. A closet for clothes, a drawer for shoes, a shelf for books, a trunk for toys, a blackboard for teaching and learning, and reserve a corner of the room for crafts. This will make it easier to organize everything with your child.

- Light and atmosphere. Natural light is also important in a nursery. The curtains should be made of a material that blocks light during naps.

- Simplicity. Be careful not to overcrowd the children's room with pictures, paintings, figurines, etc. It can become a cramped space.

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