Why Babies Have Cold Hands and Feet

Why Babies Have Cold Hands and Feet

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Babies have the colder hands and feet than the rest of the body; that is a basic premise here and in China.

It is an ancient custom for grandmothers to touch the baby's hands and feet and shout to the sky when they feel cold and sweaty. That's when the madness begins, and they bury the baby alive between stacks of blankets, while they look at you with the face of few friends and pointing the finger at you for being such an inconsiderate mother or father.

For grandmothers, all shelter is not enough, even if it is 40 degrees. It is necessary that the baby is able to raise chicks under his armpits so that they realize that we may have gone a bit with the temperature.

The reasons why babies have cold feet and hands have to do not with the outside temperature, but with the immaturity of their circulatory system.

It should be noted that, in most cases, babies have cold hands and feet, no matter how hot they are. And the reason is none other than an immature circulatory system.

The heart is too small and very fine capillaries, so the blood is not strong enough to reach the most distant parts of the heart correctly, that is: the extremities.

If to this factor is added that, in addition, it may be that the baby has a bluish color in his hands for the same reason that I just told you, we already have an assured anger from the grandmother and that she does not speak to us during the remainder of the month.

No need to worry. The bluish color is motivated by the lack of circulation, not because of the cold.

On the other hand, the baby is quietly inside his stroller or his crib, with which he hardly moves his hands, and that the circulation of his body is not activated.

If we really want to know if our baby is cold, we only have to put our hand between the back of the neck and the back, that is where we will have to measure the temperature of the baby, who will surely be sweating under the mountain of blankets that we have put on him .

If we do not want him to have cold hands and feet, we should not shelter him more, because in addition to the rest of his body not being cold, it can be dangerous for the baby. It is best to put some socks and gloves fatter.

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