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Classic but trendy combinations of compound names with David

Classic but trendy combinations of compound names with David

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Despite the fact that parents find themselves every day in the search for more original names, there are families that do not resist the classic, elegant and attractive names that never go out of style, thanks to their ethereal and masculine character. For all of them, this time we propose some combinations of compound names with David that you are going to love it. We accompany each name with its meaning and its origin so that you know all the details related to it.

One of the most used names for the combination of future attractive names for boys is David. This often happens in Spain, where it continues to maintain its popularity as a name for boys, but we can also find it as a very common name for men in Latin America, to a greater extent in southern countries.

David is one of the few names that maintains its writing in many languages, what changes is its pronunciation, as is the case of the English David who says (Deivid), there are few languages ​​where this name changes its writing.

Did you know that its saints are celebrated on March 1, June 26, July 15, August 27, November 22 and December 29? Perhaps the most celebrated date by all families with a baby of this name is December 29.

The origin of this name is Hebrew and its meaning is varied. We can find him as 'The one chosen by God', 'The one who is loved by all' or 'The one who is esteemed'. A curious fact about this name is that it shares the same etymological meaning of Amador, although the origin of this name is Latin.

David began to become popular in very ancient times, from the appearance of King David and his great history against Goliath and as the most revered King of Israel. That is why its name was taken for many biblical references and that is why it spread throughout much of the western world, from ancient times and still retains its popularity, both in these places and in Latin America.

We start with the practical question. First of all we offer you a list of compound names with David first.

1. David Andrés
What do you think of the name Andrés for your baby? It is of Greek origin and is a reference to worship masculinity as it means 'Virile'.

2. David Camilo
Camilo, a very popular name in some Latin countries, means 'Who is a Minister or messenger of God'. Its etymological origin is Latin, so it is a very spiritual combination.

3. David Constantino
It is a masculine name of Latin origin, it comes from 'Constantinus' which means 'The one who is constant'. If you like very long names, this may be a good option.

4. David Darío
A very noble combination, since according to its Latin origin 'Darius', means 'He who maintains good'.

5. David Elijah
A combination that represents ancient history. Did you know that the origin of Elijah is Hebrew 'Eliy-yah' and means 'He who is God's instrument'?

6. David Gabriel
It is a classic name, so it is a traditional combination that many parents choose for its biblical character. It comes from ancient Hebrew and means 'The strength of God'.

7. David Ivan
Quite an original combination, don't you think? This name is originally from Russia and is a variant of John, so its meaning is 'He whom God has chosen'.

8. David Joel
Another combination with David quite unique for your little one. This name has its origin in the Hebrew roots 'Yoel' and means 'God our lord'.

9. David Manuel
Of Hebrew origin, Manuel is a masculine proper name and also a diminutive of the name Emmanuel. Its meaning is 'God accompanies us'.

10. David Mauricio
It has a Latin origin as a masculine name 'Mauritius', being a variant of the name Mauro. Therefore, its meaning is also 'Moreno'.

11. David Roman
This is a very interesting combination, since the name Roman, comes from Latin and is a reference to Rome 'He who comes from Rome'. Did you know that it has a variant that you can also use for your baby? It's about Romano.

12. David Santiago
Doesn't this name seem very spiritual to you? You should know that Santiago comes from the Hebrew 'Yeagob or Jacobus' and its meaning is 'God's reward'.

It may be that what you are looking for is a compound name but it has David as a middle name. Below we also propose some ideas, all of them accompanied by their meaning and origin.

13. Aaron David
We start this list with a very attractive combination of names. Its origin is Hebrew and its meaning is 'He who comes from the mountain'.

14. Axel David
This compound name has its origin in, nothing more and nothing less than, Scandinavia. It is a variant of the Hebrew name 'Absalom', which means 'He who brings peace'.

15. Bruno David
Can you imagine calling your son like that? This is a masculine name of Germanic origin 'Brünne' and its meaning is 'Breastplate'. Bruno's name day is celebrated on October 6.

16. Caesar David
Known thanks to the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus, it is a name with an interesting origin since it means 'Hair or beard'. A nice name for your son!

17. Cristian David
Of Greek origin, it used to be a reference to those who practiced the Christian religion. Its meaning, therefore, is 'The follower of Christ'.

18. Carlos David
Carlos has been one of the most common names for children for many decades now. Coming from the German 'Karl' and has two meanings 'Free man' and 'One who is wise'. Without a doubt, an interesting combination.

19. Diego David
Diego is said to have two origins: a Greek one which means 'The educated one' and one from the Hebrew 'Yakov', as a variant of Iago or Santiago. If you like names with D, this is a good option for you.

20. Enzo David
How many children do you know named Enzo? Increasingly! It is an adaptation that was made in the Middle Ages in Italy of the German masculine name Heinz and its meaning is 'The prince of these lands' or 'The lord of the abode'.

21. Fabio David
It has its Latin origin and is used as a masculine proper name. Its meaning is a literal reference to the men who harvested beans. A little weird, but nice!

22. Gael David
This interesting and original combination has its roots in Celtic culture, from the word 'Ludael', meaning 'One who is generous'. A precious meaning for a name.

23. Jorge David
Originating from the Greek 'Georgos', it is a reference to the men who take care of the land, its meaning is 'The gardener'.

24. Luis David
This traditional combination has a German origin of the name Hlodowig and later Ludwig. Its meaning is 'The enlightened one in battle'.

25. Lucas David
This combination has a very beautiful message, since the name comes from Latin and means 'He who has been enlightened'.

26. Raul David
It has a Germanic origin, from the masculine name Raoulf, which means 'Loyal and intrepid advisor'.

27. Sergio David
Its origin comes from the Greek 'Sergius' and means 'The one who protects' or 'The guardian' and it used to be used as a surname.

Let yourself be carried away by these multiple options combinations with David and give the classic and attractive boy names a try.

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