A cat in distress. The best play for children about the family

A cat in distress. The best play for children about the family

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Children's theater performances are a fun pastime that is often enjoyed by young and old alike. They are ideal for having a fun time and also for learning important things. On this occasion we have prepared a nice play for children about the family. With it, the little ones in the house will know that there is nothing better than letting themselves be loved by their loved ones. Let's go to see her! Here begins 'A cat in distress', a script for a short play about the family. You'll love it!

This play about an adorable family of cats is designed to teach children the importance of knowing how to value our own. The family is always there to show us the beauty of life, to give us unconditional love and to help us in everything we need. Read it to your students, or better yet, adapt the script so that they are the actors themselves. It can also be performed at home with our children. What fun!

Work description: Once upon a time there was a family of cats that lived in the valley. One fine day, the youngest decided to go for a walk with his favorite doll, what was his surprise when, by mistake, his precious toy fell into the lake. It would have been easy to get it out, but since cats don't like water at all, it was going to be a lot more complicated than it looked. After much vain thinking about a solution, he did the best thing he could have done, ask his family for help!

Necessary material for the staging: a doll, props to simulate that we are in the valley, kitten makeup or costumes and eager to have fun and learn new things.

Characters: cat mom, cat dad, cat big brother and naughty little kitty. As we told you before, you can adapt the play and include more actors and actresses.

We start with the script!

The curtain rises. The cat family is seen having breakfast at home.

Mom cat: Today is Saturday. How about we go to the cousins' house in the afternoon?

Everyone: Yes yes.

Cat dad: Great, I'm going to finish cleaning the house and preparing a delicious snack to take home to the cousins.

Cat brother: I have to do something from school.

Little cat: I have no homework to do. Can I go for a walk?

Mom cat: Okay, but don't walk away and come back soon.

Little cat: Voucher! I will do so!

Kitten takes his favorite doll, puts on his boots and scarf and leaves the house ready to enjoy his walk.

The curtain closes.

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The curtain rises. Kitten is seen walking down the path.

Little cat: How good it is here! (Sing a happy song)

Little cat: Come on There is a lake there. I'm going to take some stones and throw them.

At that moment, inadvertently, he throws his favorite doll into the water.

Little cat: (scared and worried) Nooo! And now what do I do? How can I get my toy back?

Little cat: I don't want to go into the water, I don't like it and it also scares me.

The kitten is seen circling around the water in search of a solution.

Little cat: I know what I can do! I will come home and tell everyone what has happened, they will know how to help me.

Return home in a hurry.

The curtain closes.

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The curtain rises. Mom cat is seen reading a book, brother cat doing homework and dad cat in the kitchen preparing a delicious strawberry shortcake.

Little cat: (opens the door and enters the house) Mom, Dad!

Mom cat: What happen? Why are you so scared?

Little cat: I was playing and I dropped my doll in the lake and now I don't know how I can catch it.

Cat brother: (He stops doing his homework to help his little brother) Don't worry, we are going to help you, surely we can think of something to get your toy back.

Cat dad: (exits the kitchen to go to the living room with the rest of her family) We have to come up with a plan that doesn't involve getting wet.

Cat brother: I know what we can do! The lake is not very deep, surely I can catch the kitten toy with my fishing net.

Little cat: (a little calmer) What a good idea!

Mom cat: Let each one take their boots and their scarf. We have work to do.

The cat family prepares to go out to the valley.

The curtain closes.

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The curtain rises. The cat family is in the valley next to the lake.

Cat dad: Where exactly did you drop your doll?

Little cat: (points his finger) There!

Cat brother: I'm going to try to catch it with the fishing net.

Cat dad: Okay, I'll be behind you, if I see you fall, I'll pull you back.

Little cat: Be careful!

Cat brother reaches for his little brother's toy and pulls it out of the water.

Mom cat: How well you have done!

Little cat: (happy and happy) Thank you! Good thing you were able to rescue him!

Cat dad: Since we are here, how about we all go for a walk together?

Everyone: Yes, yes.

And that's how the cat family enjoyed a quiet walk through the valley with their favorite kitten doll safe and sound.

The curtain closes. End of the short play about the family. It's time for the well-deserved applause!

And to finish with this fun play, we can draw two pictures, one about the cat family and the other about each other's family. Your students or your children will not be able to say no to you!

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