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How to teach children to work love at Christmas

How to teach children to work love at Christmas

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Love is nothing, but in turn, love is everything. Love is solidarity, love is generosity, love is humility ... For all this it is so important that we work on this feeling and this emotion from a young age with our children. We have to do it daily, from the moment we get up, until we go to bed, but if there is a time when we can teach children to work love and that is Christmas.

I don't know if it happens to you, but Christmas is coming (especially the previous weeks) and a joy invades me that those around me come to call me exaggerated. But, honestly, I am not the only one, and it is that with the lighting of the lights, the setting of the Christmas tree and the placement of the nativity scene, we are all more sensitive, happier, more dedicated ... We all love and love each other more!

And that's how we pick up our mobile phone to send the 'typical' congratulations whatsapp to the second cousin with whom we only speak once a year; to that coworker who left the company three years ago; or to the family with whom we shared great moments on our last beach vacation. At Christmas, everything is love!

'This is the beautiful and kind face that love offers us, but we must not forget that love is also being frustrated by something that one wanted very much or being disappointed by a person. And it is these two facets that love offers us that make it a great, universal and, above all, very beautiful feeling ', explains Andrés París, professional coach and pedagogue.

Many mothers and fathers ask how you can teach a child to love And, here, Andrés París, educational coach, has it clear: 'You can't teach love, that comes with us. It is an essential part of the human being. The emotion that contains everything, but we as parents can be your best teachers of love, we must lead by example. '

Love, like a flower, must be cared for, watered and pampered so that it flourishes and does not wither. The best way to do it, according to Andrés París, is to open the love box and work on each of the pieces that contain it: gratitude, happiness, envy, generosity, humility. And so, when all those parts marry each other, we will learn to truly love. 'Being supportive is going to teach a child to love; being generous will teach you to love; knowing how to put yourself in the place of the other will teach you to love '. How to do it?

We must teach children to give thanks, we can do it orally, after, for example, a partner has helped them with an exercise or through a journal. In this, every night before going to bed, the little one should write 'Thank you for ... my mother has come to pick me up at school, because my grandfather has prepared my favorite snack, because my partner has helped me with the exercises' . Let your own words express what you want to say.

During these dates, there are a lot of situations to be supportive. For example, food banks, where the whole family can go to deliver non-perishable products for people who need it, or also, stop by a charity market.

How many gifts has your child written in his letter to Santa Claus and / or the Magi? Perhaps this year, in addition to asking in a personal way, you could explain to him that he can ask for something for other children who are not as lucky as him.

Each child and each person has their strengths and weaknesses, but we cannot use any of them to laugh at anyone. So if your child passes an exam with flying colors, but another child fails it, we have to teach him to be quiet and, in any case, to offer his help to his partner. It is also necessary to explain to the children that another gesture of humility is to recognize that when one makes a mistake, it is necessary to ask for forgiveness if necessary.

If we get the child to know and learn all these primary emotions, he will be able to build a solid emotional part and therefore will be capable of unreserved love. And if we add to this that we, before becoming parents, have been children and have connected with ours, we will know what we have to do to tune in with our child from true and deep love.

Gestures are important, but words are also important, especially if we say them with the heart. We have made you a small selection of love phrases for Christmasor for another time of the year with the aim that this feeling is not lacking in these special days and that its strength accompanies us throughout the next twelve months:

- The best Christmas gift for you is to spend one more love by your side.

- This year I have only asked Santa Claus for one thing: a smile from you.

- You illuminate my life with each of the lights that are placed in the city on these dates.

- I don't need a Christmas tree, garlands or fireworks, I just need your hand and know that I can count on you. I just need your love.

- You are the most beautiful story that destiny wrote in my life.

- Strong people do not knock down others, they help them to get up.

- Humility is the only true wisdom that prepares us for all possible changes in life.

- You have not finished living the day until you have done something for another that will never pay you back.

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