Happy slapping, the new and cruel trend of cyberbullying in young people

Happy slapping, the new and cruel trend of cyberbullying in young people

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At present, the Happy Slapping has become a form of cyberbullying in which there is a physical aggression to record it with the mobile and broadcast the video through the internet, social networks and instant messaging apps. It is, of course, a new form of violence through the networks that we must know in order to stop.

The term Happy Slapping can be translated as Happy Slapping. This term originated in London in late 2004, subsequently becoming a national phenomenon. It consisted of recording the slaps of strangers with the mobile phone and subsequently publishing it on the internet.

Experts blamed different television programs where children saw recordings of attacks, with scenes of pain and humiliation. Running towards a person, slapping him and running away was "funny" to them, later publishing the recordings of their exploits in order to gain the popularity of those television programs that broadcast violent scenes.

This new and cruel form of aggression has a number of characteristics:

1. It is planned and carried out by tweens or teens.

2. It is usually about violence between equals, that is, that the victim is a minor of the same age as the aggressors, usually colleagues, although the victim is not always known. They can also target the disabled or other vulnerable groups, such as beggars, as the object of their misdeeds.

3. There is a physical assault.

4. Always some technological device is used to be able to record the attack, usually a mobile phone.

5. It is carried out in a group, so that one or more carry out the attack while other members of the group record it.

6. The ultimate goal is to broadcast the video, usually through social networks and instant messaging, to try to make it viral and thus gain popularity.

Happy Slapping can involve several types of crimes, Since in addition to the moral damage that occurs in the minor, there is damage to physical integrity, as well as to their image, since in addition to the aggression, it is recorded and disseminated on the internet, violating the right to privacy of the victim.

In Spain, although it would be necessary to see the circumstances of each case, the usual thing is to find ourselves facing the crime of injuries. If any type of threats or coercion were also observed in the video, these other types of crime would also apply. There would also be a crime against moral integrity, since an attack on the dignity of the victim, actions of a humiliating, degrading or humiliating nature would be spreading.

Not only do the people who carry out the attack commit a crime, but also those who record and broadcast it, even those who witness the attack and do nothing to prevent it or help the victim could be immersed in the criminal process.

To identify if our child has been a victim of Happy Slapping it will help us to have good communication with him. The custom of spend some time talking to them every day on how they are will be a good basis to detect it.

In addition, we must always be vigilant and observe if there are changes in his routine, in his mood, in how he relates to others, in food, sleep, etc. In any case, if we detect that our child may have been a victim, we must go to the police immediately and take the appropriate measures to stop the broadcast of the video as soon as possible.

According to a recent study by Save de Children carried out with people between 18 and 20 years old, they affirm that 75% of young Spanish people have suffered some type of violence through the Internet during their childhood. The increase in the use of new technologies and their exposure on the Internet have led to an increase in online violence against minors.

He Happy slapping It is one of them, but not the only one: cyberbullying, grooming, sexting and sextortion are some other criminal practices that our children face online. Let's not lower our guard!

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