The Child God has been born. The Christmas poetry that children like the most

In we live with great enthusiasm the Christmas period. We love! And we do not understand a Christmas without children's poems. For this reason, Marisa Alonso has left us a beautiful Christmas poetry entitled 'The Christ Child is born!'. In addition to transmitting the Christmas spirit in an extraordinary way, with this short poem we can teach children what the sounds of animals are called. Merry Christmas to all!

This poetry speaks of the birth of the Child Jesus, so the ideal is to read it and recite it aloud on Christmas Eve. However, due to its fun and educational nature, it can also be used on any other day of the Christmas period, both at home and in the classroom.

As we mentioned, these verses also teach children what the different sounds that animals make are called. Because surely your child knows that the cat goes 'meow' and the cow 'goo'. But do you know what it means to meow or moo? This poem is waiting for you. Enjoy it a lot.

Upon receiving the news

the kittens have meowed

The child God is born!

The rooster has also crowed!

They celebrate the birth

also the dogs barking,

the bleating lambs,

the little birds singing,

the mice dancing

and chirping the goldfinches

together they are celebrating it.

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If you liked this Christmas poem to read with your children at Christmas time, you will also love these others. Next we make a small compilation with other poems with a lot of Christmas spirit.

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Gloria Fuertes is one of the children's favorite poets. His verses convey joy, joke and great enthusiasm. This poem also dedicated to everything that happened at the Bethlehem portal, will appeal to children, but also to adults. And it is that with these verses we will be able to connect again with that child that we all carry inside.

- The mule and the ox take care of the baby Jesus
If you are looking for a Christmas poem to learn by heart and recite it in front of the Bethlehem portal at home or at school, these verses may be a good option. It is a short poem that usually captivates the smallest of the house.

- The Christmas ball
What would this period be without the innocence and joy of children. It would surely be a much sadder and nostalgic time. And this is what this beautiful poetry talks about, also by Marisa Alonso. The protagonist is reflected in one of the balls of the tree and meets a little character she never imagined she would meet. You will love it!

- The three wise men
The arrival of Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar is one of the most special moments for the children, who are looking forward to receiving their gifts. However, Christmas is not just toys. Teach your children the history of the Magi with this poem.

And since not everything is going to be poetry during Christmas, we also bring you many other fun activities with which you will make these holidays unforgettable.

1. Sing Christmas carols
Christmas carols are the icing on the cake of Christmas. Does your child know the popular Christmas songs of your time? Do you know the Christmas carols that children listen to today? Here you will find a nice compilation of funny Christmas carols for these holidays. 'The fish in the river', 'Oh! Blanca Navidad ',' La marimorena '... What is your favorite?

2. Read Christmas stories
Christmas stories are a source of illusion and Christmas magic, however, these stories also convey beautiful values ​​such as generosity, kindness or empathy. In we have a beautiful selection with the best Christmas stories.

3. Crafts to decorate your home
Have you decorated your house yet? You don't have to spend a lot of money to get in the Christmas spirit. In fact, you will have a great time creating these Christmas decoration crafts. There are cardboard stars, Christmas balls, clothespin reindeer ...

4. Prepare Christmas recipes
And last but not least, the food! We leave you the best recipes to cook as a family the most typical dishes of these days. You will love the chocolate biscuit cake!

Merry poetic Christmas everyone!

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