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Wonderful Christmas Riddles Advent Calendar for Kids

Wonderful Christmas Riddles Advent Calendar for Kids

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December 1 is one of the most anticipated days of the year. That because? Because the advent calendars begin! To this day, this plan continues to be the perfect excuse to spend a little bit of each day doing something special until Christmas arrives. On this occasion, we propose uAn advent calendar of riddles to do with the children. The whole family will like it!

And why should we make this guessing advent calendar and not just any other of the many thematic calendars that are available to us. We can think of all these reasons:

  1. Riddles are a great educational resource because makes children think, but also adults. They are a small challenge that will make everyone work to get the answers.
  2. With these riddles you can work the attention and concentration of the children. But it is also a great way to teach vocabulary to little ones and to stimulate your creativity.
  3. They are simple and quick riddles to find the solution, so it will not take you long each day. You will only need a few minutes during the snack, for example, or just before sleeping, to read the riddle and try to answer it.
  4. After reading the riddles, the children will want to learn them to share them with other of their friends. Therefore, they can also become an excuse for socializing of the kids.
  5. It's a cheap and homemade game. Although you can create your own homemade calendar (with recycled materials), it is not completely necessary, since every day you can return to this article to read the daily riddle that it plays.

If you have decided that you want to participate in this advent calendar, congratulations it is a great decision! You are going to have a great time. To carry it out, you just have to try to rsolve the riddle that touches every day. As you can see, first we propose the riddles day by day and below (so you do not feel tempted) the answers. And, to keep you having fun, we propose different activities related to the puzzle. To play!

Let's go there! Here is our advent calendar from the Christmas riddles.

1. Without carrot it would not be the same, but it is not a salad. He cannot lack a hat either, but he is not a man. Instead of eyes it has buttons, but it is not a shirt. Do you know what it could be?

2. At Christmas I wear my tinsel necklaces and my ball earrings. I dress so handsome that they even put gifts at my feet. Who I am?

3. Heavenly music accompanied by tambourines. The fish sound in the rivers, a marimorena and a sabanero burrito ... What are we talking about?

4. Guess, guess ... What happens when we put flour, egg, milk and ginger in the oven? Smells like Christmas! But what have we prepared?

5. Cross the sky, riding your sleigh. Who?

6. Zumba that hums you, you can hear my son, on Christmas nights, do you know who I am?

7. Christmas is never missing and brings together shepherds, sheep and the most famous manger in the world. Do you already know what it is?

8. With a little bit of almond and honey, there is no one who can resist it! Do you know what this is that is eaten at Christmas?

9. An old woman with a tooth, who calls all the people.

10. Dressed in the best colors and crowned by a bow; All the children are waiting for me, because of the surprise that I have inside.

11. Think carefully about what you write in me. That depends on receiving everything you want. But don't be selfish! That I am?

12. Take flight, look at the sky ... And there you will see it. The Three Wise Men already did it!

13. It looks like cotton, but when many flakes come together they manage to cover everything. How cold!

14. From the East, neither more nor less! They come riding on camels. Guided by the star in the sky, they bring cool gifts with them. Who are they?

15. Normally we put them on our feet, but at Christmas we put them on the fireplace. What is it?

16. I am a small baby and I have glass eyes. Sometimes when you put batteries on me, I start to cry. Are you going to ask me for Christmas?

17. Although I help you to be warm, even to prepare food, nobody wants to see me at Christmas. Do you know who I am?

18. Between the mule and the ox, he was born in a manger on that day of December 24. You sure know who it is!

19. My red nose guides our flight and lights up the sky. Do you know who I am?

20. At the same time as the midnight bells, we eat them until we reach twelve. What are they?

21. When you take me away, you reveal a treasure. But, without me, there would be no surprise!

22. Without water or food, the Magi were brought across the desert. Who are they?

23. When they see me, they all kiss each other. That I am?

24. It is round and sounds when thrashing. And during Christmas, you play them non-stop.

Have you been able to answer all the riddles? In case you have not found the answer to any of them, here you have them. In addition, they are accompanied by a fun family activity for you to have a great time at the celebrations.

1. A snowman
Following this riddle it occurs to us to ask ourselves ... Will we be lucky enough to enjoy the snow this Christmas? Depending on the area where you live, the answer may be yes. But if not, why not make your own artificial snow? Too easy! You only need a diaper, coloring, newspaper ... The only thing missing is being cold.

2. The Christmas fir
There are Christmas trees of all types, colors and sizes. But, looking for a surprising and very original fir, why not try one made of bicarbonate? It is an amazing experiment!

3. Christmas carols
Christmas carols cannot be missed at Christmas. Therefore, after solving this riddle, we encourage you to tune your voices and start singing some of the most popular Christmas songs of all time. What is your favorite Christmas carol?

4. Christmas cookies
Who doesn't like Christmas cookies? If you are one of these rare people, you have to try this unique recipe to prepare them. To lick your fingers!

5. Santa Claus
Santa Claus is one of the most beloved and endearing characters of Christmas. However, there are many children who do not know their true story. Do you know it?

6. Zambomba
Have you ever created your own musical instruments to accompany the Christmas carols? This is a perfect occasion to do it!

7. The birth
It's never too early to put the Nativity scene, right? Accompany this beautiful and endearing family moment by reading this story that narrates everything that happened in the most famous manger in the world.

8. The nougat
Hmm ... In many houses the days are counted for the nougat to arrive on the supermarket shelves, but you can also prepare it yourself at home. It's sure to be even more delicious!

9. The bell
One of the most typical decorations of Christmas is the bells. And it is that their meaning is very beautiful, since they represent the joy for the birth of the Child God.

10. Gifts
At Christmas, children receive many gifts. What if you take the opportunity to make yourself a small gift to a friend or family member? You can, for example, make a little angel out of clothespins. It will make you look forward to it!

11. Letter to Santa Claus and the Magi
If you have not yet written the letter to Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men, this is the perfect time to do it. Ask the little ones to write it from the bottom of their hearts, without selfishness or excesses. And above all, show them how important it is to give thanks for everything they received last year and what they will receive.

12. The eastern star
Take advantage of the fact that this riddle has come out in the Advent calendar to explain to the children what the eastern star is and how it guided the Magi through the desert to find their way to the portal of Bethlehem.

13. Snow
You cannot miss this beautiful story that talks about snow and how a boy named Óscar enjoys it for the first time.

14. Magi
All children know that the Three Wise Men are in charge of bringing them gifts in January. However, not all the little ones know that there were three wise men from different parts of the world who brought the Child Jesus differently. Do not stop reading the story with the story of who they were.

15. The socks
Why are socks one of the symbols of Christmas? There is a Turkish legend, starring Saint Nicholas, that explains it.

16. A dummy or doll
Take advantage of the fact that this riddle has appeared in our advent calendar to try to know which dolls or dolls your children like the most, which ones are more fashionable at the moment, which ones they would like to receive under the tree ...

17. Coal
Children do not want to receive coal at Christmas. But if they knew how good sweet coal is ... they would ask for it in their letter!

18. The baby Jesus
By December 18 it is very likely that you already have the birth at home. Therefore, we encourage you to recite some of these beautiful Christmas poems in front of the figures.

19. Rudolph
How could it be otherwise, you have in front of you the best excuse to teach your children the Christmas carol of the reindeer Rodolfo or, in its English version, Rudolph the red-nose reindeer.

20. Grapes
As you may already know, in some countries of the world it is typical to have 12 grapes with 12 chimes at midnight to welcome the New Year. Take advantage of this riddle to talk about this tradition and others that you have at home during Christmas.

21. Wrapping paper
Without wrapping paper, Christmas would be a lot more boring. Did you know that you can make an elegant Christmas wreath with this material?

22. Camels
Without their camels, do you think the Magi would have been able to reach the portal of Bethlehem? Maybe not! Therefore, we suggest you help them in their task by making your own origami camels.

23. Holly
As you can see in many Christmas movies, it is typical to kiss someone special when, by chance, you are under a sprig of holly. Involve your children in this tradition.

24. The tambourine
And finally ... let the tambourines sound this Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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