The bank of friendship to end loneliness and child bullying

The bank of friendship to end loneliness and child bullying

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All children must always have a friend to play with, but unfortunately there are many children, more than we think, who do not have that confidant or person of reference. There are others who have a hard time making friends because they are too shy and do not dare to approach anyone. How to break this situation? In different schools in Spain it has been 'the bank of friendship ', an idea to put an end to the bullying and loneliness of many children.

'Hi Ana, I would like there to be a friendship bench in the yard. It has to be colorful and with a sign that says 'Bank of friendship', so that whoever feels alone, sits down, and someone who sees him sitting down and asks him: 'Do you want to play with me?'

This is the request that a 9-year-old Spanish girl made to the principal of her school so that no child is alone in the yard and so that those who are experiencing bullying can find someone to talk to. Her letter and her drawing (above you have the photo) so moved those in charge of the center that they got down to work to make the dream of this little girl and many other children come true.

The little girl wanted to find a place in her school for those children who feel sad or for those who one day at recess are left alone because their best friend may not have gone to class or they have argued and, after that riff-raff, they have had to hear that phrase as horrible as it is 'I no longer want to play with you!'. Or simply for those who want to be heard (something so necessary in today's society), make new friends or solve a problem.

The idea is brilliant and this girl 'borrowed' it from 10-year-old American Acacia Woodley, who was born without one of her hands and with only two fingers on the other. After being teased and harassed by many schoolmates, she decided to act and that is how she created this 'friendship bank', which, as she has explained many times, is not It is only intended for people who suffer or have suffered bullying but also for those who do, because they really need this place.

Many schools in Spain have already followed the example of this school in Burgos and are willing to find a space to put it in their schoolyard, although perhaps they could go a little further and put friendship benches in all cities so that not only children, but also the elderly, find a place to talk to someone. Don't you think

How can we explain to our children what bullying is, what are the consequences of being bullied at school or how to avoid getting into this situation? Here we propose five wonderful stories so that you can answer all these questions.

- The bully cat
Nothing like empathizing and putting yourself in the shoes of the other to understand a little better what bullying is, and that is why from our site, we suggest that you do the representation of this play from school or from home.

- Harassment of Marita
Since our children are small, we must speak clearly to them about what is outside the home, and bullying is, unfortunately, one of the issues we have to touch on. Doing it through a story can be easier to explain.

- The class snitch
A crucial figure to end bullying is the 'snitch'. That person who observes what happens and who hesitates to tell it or not. Children should be encouraged to report it to an adult immediately if they see a bullying situation, and not to be afraid of being called 'snitches', because this figure has saved us, throughout history, from many great evils.

- Sara, take her
Sometimes our lack of empathy towards others generates a situation of isolation and, therefore, bullying. Can this circumstance be changed? Yes, at least that's how Sara does it, a Syrian girl who surprises her classmates at her birthday party.

- The ear
To avoid getting into a bullying situation, we must instill in our children values ​​such as respect or tolerance. Read Henry's story to your child and talk about these concepts with him later.

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