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The game Fortnite and the dangerous addiction it causes in children

For a few months I have not stopped hearing the mothers of a online game called 'Fortnite'. This game has become so popular with kids that it's hard not to be tempted to download it, and it creates such a strong addiction that recently a nine-year-old girl had to go into rehab to be able to disengage from it.

We tell you how is the game 'Fortnite' and the dangerous addiction it is causing in children through this story that has made our hair stand on end.

There is no child who can resist him, the 'Fortnite' sweeps among schoolchildren from 7 years, (although adults also fall) even if it is very violent. If you don't play Fortnite, you're not worthy of your friends' backyard conversations, so the social pressure among children themselves finish convincing them that this game will change their life forever.

It's about a Survival game, where up to 100 players compete online, in which only one can remain alive, so it is about killing all the others.

The danger of the game is that it is a free game, just download it on any device to play, so parents do not usually refuse to let the child play for a while. It has also become so popular that it has the support of many celebrities of all kinds, including professional gamers who earn more than half a million euros by uploading their games to YouTube.

So how do your developers make money? Once the child is playing, you can buy, for small amounts of money, clothes and dances.

The media have publicized the case ofa girl from uk, who after playing the game for a couple of months without his parents knowing, began to obsess with the game.

The teachers were the first to realize that something was up. The girl fell asleep in class, her school grades dropped, she was irritable and very tired. At first the parents blamed it on the hormonal changesBut there were behaviors that didn't fit, like skipping her favorite ballet classes because she was exhausted.

Then came the credit card charges, more than 50 euros a month that went to Microsoft, and when the mother tried to limit the hours of play, the girl hit in the face.

One night the parents got up and found the girl sitting in an armchair playing Fortnite, she had peed on so you don't have to stop playing to go to the bathroom. The parents were so shocked that the girl began to cry and confessed that I didn't sleep at night because I spent hours playing Fortnite.

Now the girl is being treated in therapy in order to quit his addiction to this game. Without a doubt, this terrible story should make us reflect on the influence that online games can have on children.

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